Since 2002 EO has successfully worked with more than a thousand individuals to help launch hundreds of local businesses that have created hundreds more jobs—all contributing to greater self-sufficiency and growing the local economy. It’s a ripple effect of success by every measure.

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EO Business Development

Jannus Economic Opportunity (EO) offers business development support to help socially and economically underserved individuals and families increase household income and improve financial security through self-employment. Our approach begins with providing opportunities to learn business basics in a safe, culturally sensitive environment free of business jargon and judgment. We provide group classes and lots of one-on-one time to help clients learn how to run a business in Idaho and about the business planning process including:

  • Registering a business
  • Licensing and permitting
  • Obtaining insurance
  • Record keeping and accounting
  • Sales and marketing
  • Hiring employees
  • paying necessary taxes