Exciting News! The EO Men’s Mentoring Project has a new name - the EO Gemini Project.

EO Gemini Project

By changing our name, we’re embracing the essence of who we are and our vision. Like NASA’s Gemini Space Missions that took place between 1965 and 1966, our mentors and mentees work together in two-person teams to accomplish a common goal and every pair is an important part of the larger mission to form an intentional and supportive mentoring community. The Gemini Space Missions had many notable successes that were pivotal in moving the larger goal of space exploration forward.

The vison of the EO Gemini Project is to emulate their success through a support system that prepares mentees for a successful launch into the next chapter of their lives and beyond.

To learn more about becoming a mentor or mentee with the EO Gemini Project or discuss fundraising and financial support please contact Charity Strong, Project Manager at 208-410-6958 or cstrong@jannus.org

We’d love to hear from you.

Through an anti-racist and equity-focused lens, the EO Gemini Project supports young men in our community who arrived to the US as refugees. Opportunities are provided to mentees, and mentors, to connect culturally, build social capital, and discover pathways that promote upward mobility. Together, supportive mentoring relationships and programming initiatives focus on addressing inequities and disparities while building on the resilience and strengths of these young men - empowering them to dream big and reach their goals.

With a focus on personal growth and exploration, the development of hard and soft employability skills, career and trades exploration opportunities, and the attainment of tools for great financial stability, the EO Gemini Project prepares mentees for the next chapter of their lives and beyond.

Join us! 



Are you:

  • Willing to share your experience and wisdom, and learn from the wisdom of others?
  • Invested in building a fun and authentic friendship with a young man?
  • Excited about having a positive impact on someone who might not have a support system or role model?
  • Interested in expanding your social and professional networks?
  • Open to new experiences?

    Email  cstrong@jannus.org for more information about our upcoming cohort.

    Online Mentor Application Here.


    To learn more about the EO Gemini Project or discuss fundraising and financial support please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.



    Are you:

    • A young man that arrived to the U.S. as a refugee?
    • Between the ages of 18 and 25?
    • Interested in building friendships with other young men that share your experiences?
    • Excited about having a mentor to support you? Answer your questions? Give you advice?
    • Curious about exploring new parts of Boise?
    • Are you working toward a goal, or would you like help setting and achieving goals?

    Online Mentee Application Here.

    Why the EO Gemini Project?