Salam Bunyan – The Goodness Land

Salam Bunyan is a man of many talents. In addition to being a chef, he worked as a hospitality manager for seven years, three of which were in a refugee camp in Jordan. He was also a media professional in his native Iraq and made videos denouncing terrorist acts and groups. These videos led to threats against the lives of Salam and his family, forcing him to flee his country.

After arriving in the US as a refugee in 2008, Salaam realized early on that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. EO helped him secure a small bank loan to start his restaurant The Goodness Land, a loan Salam paid off early and in full.

EO also helped him secure a space of his own and has helped him with legal and the sometimes bewildering regulatory issues involved in the restaurant business. But he credits the “guidance and direction” that EO provided as being especially valuable to his business.

Business ownership has brought big improvements to his life. “It’s like starting over. I used to worry about paying my bills and couldn’t always buy my family what they needed. Now I have the freedom to buy my kids what they need and don’t have to worry if my card will be declined. It’s changed the lives of six people.“